Fragen noir an Christa Faust

Fragen noir an ...

Christa Faust by Jim Ferreira
Foto: J. Ferreira

... den die Schriftstellerin Christa Faust



Christa Faust

What are you doing besides writing?

I like to read, cook, and watch boxing and MMA. I also collect vintage high heels and like to wear them while stepping on naked men.

Film released in the year of your birth?

The Wild Bunch

What books can we find in your bookshelf?

Lots of pulp, including Prather, Stark, and Brewer and Keene. Also Megan Abbott, Ray Banks, Natsuo Kirino and Larry Brown

Hardcore Angel

Some of your favorite film noirs?

Night and the City, Act of Violence, The Killing, Sunset Boulevard, The Last Seduction

And films beside noir?

Creature from the Black Lagoon, Raising Arizona, Repulsion, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Amores Perros


Questions noir - Your life a film noir

1. Which would be your part in the movie?

The Femme Fatale of course. And I'd get away with it in the end.

Hoodtown: A Lucha-noir Novel

2. Your nickname in the movie?

I hate nicknames. You can call me Ms. Faust.

3. Which author (living or dead) should write the script?

Billy Wilder

4. Famous quote in your movie? (Exmaple: Scarface = The World Is Yours, White Heat = Made It Ma, Top Of The World)

Love is for suckers. I'll take the cash.

5. Shot in black and white or in color?

Black and White

6. Soundtrack by …

Miklos Rozsa

Control Freak

7. Which hard-boiled noir-hero would lead you to your doom?

I would be the one leading the hero to his doom, not the other way around, but I'd like it to be Sterling Hayden.

8. Your getaway car?

Whatever the most handsome man in the parking lot is driving.

9. Your weapons?

My feminine wiles

10. Book for your prison sentence?

I'm not sure if I understand this question, but since I will be getting away with murder, I won't be going to prison anyway.

11. Finally: Epigraph on your tombstone?

A Hell of a Woman

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